Bio Strath For Depression? Nutritional Supplements for Depression?

Do You Use Bio Strath Nutritional Supplements for Depression?

As you’ve been learning after going through our research, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals has been known to not only cure depression but bipolar disorder!

But, I want to know, have you used Bio Strath? It’s touted as a herbal supplement and I’ve seen it work in loved ones for ADD and have heard others use it for depression.

Are you using it?

If so, I want to know, simply tell me the following…

How long have you taken the nutritional supplements for depression?
Tell me about any benefits.
Tell me about any side effects if any.

Learn more about the stuff here…

Or do you use something other than Bio Strath? If so, let me know below…

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen


8 thoughts on “Bio Strath For Depression? Nutritional Supplements for Depression?

  1. Biostrath is absolutely fabulous for helping with physical energy and mental focus. You can feel it almost immediately. If you are feeling totally bent out of shape double the suggested dose and use the liquid, easier absorption, for a few days, then back off and take it as recommended. It is a really good product. Has been tested on Astronauts in zero gravity. Within a week or two, you are able to do things you’ve been putting off forever, because you couldn’t maintain any focus or concentration. It is a wonderful product.

  2. So far so good. My son has been using Bio-Strath now since February and it’s the end of April. His teacher has commented on this focused learning and I didn’t even tell her I was going to test it out. She noticed a difference on her own. My son is 6 years old and I decided to start giving him Bio-Strath when he was having trouble focusing at school.

    So, not only is it good for depression, it seems to be working for clear thinking in the development of children.

  3. I must agree as well, I also suffer lately from depression and since I have been using it I feel so much better during the day. Days when I don’t take it or I feel depressed, you feel the difference!

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