Depression Research E-Course Brings Hope

Eric posted this exciting response after showing his counselor my research with her. The most important thing he shares for all of you is that there is hope. After only 4 days, he’s feeling better and the depression is lifting!

Eric writes…
“E-Course #1 and my Counselor’s Response”…

“Hello All,

4 days ago, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was desperate.

I miraculously came across and signed up for the E-Course consisting of 6 courses.

I also started eating fish at night, and of course drinking my steamed milk, and having a bed-time ritual of listening to waves crash on a beach, with some soft music, from a CD that I found in my CD’s coincidentally enough. But, I don’t believe in coincidences… me a “coincidence” is a MIRACLE where God chooses to be anonymous!

The next day, I started to feel a little better.

Its strange, but one thing about this dreaded Depression Disease I have learned through 3 bouts is this: I know when I’m at the bottom of the pit, and can gauge when the tide turns, and I make the fist step to climb back to normal, just by our historical perspective! There really is Hope.

Yesterday, I was able to get up and stay up all day. That is a miracle. So, I went to my Mental Health Appointment today, with the E-Course 1 in Print, COLOR PRINT mind you, so the copies looked professional. I was feeling pretty good, too; not all the way “back” as I like to say, but on my way.

And I told my Mental Health Counselor about my last 4 days.
I gave her a copy of the E-Course and explained my progress over the past 4 days. She perused it and said, “This is very good literature. These are very important steps to recovery”. She even kept it, saying she would “…..make copies and give it to her other patients”.

I don’t have much money, so I’m attending a Community Mental Health Center, and it was comforting for me to know that she embraced it, and endorsed it.

It was my “initial In-Take Appointment”, and I am not able to see a Psychiatrist until December. They are just “overwhelmed with people”, 80% of which are “depressed” about “their economic state, no job, etc.”, which also happens to be the main source, I believe, of my depression.

Well, my wife is saying dinner is ready….yep you guessed it, FISH, and steamed broccoli and a dry baked potato. Then later, the steamed milk, and the bedtime ritual; same time, same place, same “crashing waves on the beach” CD, and its working…..thank you so much. Its working.

There is Hope for all of us, if we take the necessary first steps. Its always that first step that is the hardest. But the reward on the other side of the spectrum awaits us all, and I want to get there desperately. Thanks again Merri Ellen! You are one magnanimous woman, an Angel I believe sent from Heaven Above!! I mean it. God Bless. Eric”

-wow, thanks Eric!

Eric is right – there is hope!
If you haven’t already, grab a copy of our research today and add it to your weaponry in the battle against your depression!

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